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Different job status’ explained
Different job status’ explained

Understand what each job status means, and how you can use them to manage your job ads.

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There are a number of different types of job status', each has its own functions. Some are for your job management and others are for internal use by GoHire.

The different job status’ are as follows:

  • Draft

  • Live

  • Closed

  • Archived

  • Rejected

  • Approved

  • Pending

You can see below each job status in more detail and how you can use them for your job adverts.

Status' for your job management 


A draft job can be created when you add your job. Typically you would create a draft job if you don’t yet want to publish the job live and want to publish the job live later. 

To add a draft job all you need to do is hit ‘Save Draft’ in the 'Add Job Modal'.

If you change your job status from draft to either Live, Closed, or Archived you won’t be able to change the job back to a Draft job.


A job that is available for public viewing on your careers page and on job boards that you select to promote the job advert across. 

When you make a job live, people will be able to apply for your job positions.


A job that is closed from public viewing, meaning you are no longer accepting applications. You can still manage and communicate with candidates when a job is in a Closed state. 

You can republish any Closed job and make it live from the 'Job Menu' on the jobs page.


You can access archived jobs from your job selector menu. Here, you can reactivate any archived job back to its most recent job status. For example, if your job was in a closed state when you archived the job, it will reactivate in the closed tab.

Also, when you archive a job, you no longer are able to view the job and the candidates. However, candidates and any attached details such as notes and evaluations, are stored securely in your account and you can retrieve archived jobs at any time.

NOTE: To go further than archiving, you can also 'Permanently Delete' a job in your account, understand what that means here.

Status' for GoHire in-house approval system

All new clients on GoHire will need to go through an approval system. This is a very quick process that is in place to protect all users of our platform and those we are partnered with.

There are three different in-house status’ that your jobs could go through which are outlined below.

You can learn more about getting jobs approved by reading this article.


This is when your jobs have been approved by our system, job boards have their own systems in place too. We do not control if a job board approves or rejects your jobs for organic visibility.


As a new client when you sign up and add your first job, your job will go into a pending status until it is approved by our system. This process is very quick and moving forward automatic approvals can be set up for your account.


A rejected job means that your job has not met our job posting guidelines and won’t be sent to any job boards.

If your job has been rejected and you aren’t sure why you can check out this article.

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