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Common problems with jobs missing from job boards
Common problems with jobs missing from job boards

Understand why your jobs might not be displaying on job boards, and what you can do to improve your job content.

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All new client jobs posted on GoHire go through a manual approval process before they are sent out to job boards. In addition, job boards often have their own review process which can affect if your job will be accepted or not. 

Important: Please note that it can take up to 24-48 business hours for your job to be approved by job boards. 

The three most common reasons for adverts being rejected by job boards are;

  • Free Email Addresses – If you are using a free email address, such as Gmail, it is very likely that your job advert will be rejected by job boards.

  • Verified Email Addresses – You must verify your email when you sign up for your new GoHire account to get full access to all our features such as job board publishing.

  • Website Careers Page – Most job boards will only publish if you also have the job listed on your website careers page. Use our careers page builder to create a branded page that integrates seamlessly with your current website.

It's highly likely one of the above reasons will be the cause of your job not publishing to job boards, but below are our recommended guidelines to ensure every job is published every time. 

General Guidelines

Each posting should represent a real and currently available job

Simply put, the job should be a job. Job boards do not allow postings such as product/service advertisements, training courses, business opportunities, or especially fraudulent listings.

Detailed job descriptions

Clear titles and detailed job descriptions result in higher conversion rates. Job descriptions should contain more than a couple of sentences and preferably include items such as:

  • Who we are

  • What we are looking for

  • Why work for us

  • Detailed job description

  • Role responsibilities

  • Qualifications

Unique, non­ duplicate jobs

Duplicate listings, among multiple sources or within a single source, will not be approved for organic visibility. It’s confusing for job­seekers to see multiple versions of the same job from different sources. Job boards filter out duplicate listings and highlight the single source that provides the best job seeker experience. 

Outbound links

Linking to other websites within the job description can be seen as spamming and should be kept to a minimum. Some boards will remove links, or just reject adverts containing links.

Mismatched fields

Make sure you put the right content in the right fields. For example, don't put the location of a job or contact details in the job title, etc.

General­ recruitment/location ­blasted jobs

General recruitment jobs typically include some of the following characteristics, identical descriptions in multiple locations, mentions of hiring for multiple roles in one job posting, mentions of no experience necessary or flexible hours, and references self ­employment and commission only salaries.

Short/easy apply process

In general, the application process should be short and simple. Jobs should not require the job­seeker to pay any registration, application, training, or signing fees.

Don't add 'Apply to this email'

In your GoHire job descriptions, it is not necessary to add ‘Send your application to or similar. It is confusing and misleading to applicants, they can apply directly with the Apply Now buttons on job boards and GoHire job pages. 

Link to your GoHire jobs

You should where possible link to your new GoHire jobs from your company website.

Integrations switched on

Ensure in your settings you have the right integrations switched on, so that your jobs will display on the job boards you want them to.

Spam or similar posts

Don't post the same job more than once. If you have similar jobs to post, make sure they are suitably different where possible.

You can check out this article for more information about getting jobs approved on Indeed.

Web presence

You must have a web presence to enable free job posting on your account. Your website must be up-to-date with a clear understanding of what you do so it is obvious for candidates applying to your jobs. Your contact page must be up-to-date.

Careers page dead link

If you have created a custom domain and linked it to your GoHire account it must be live and active. Jobs will not be accepted if the custom domain is not working. You can check out this article to learn how to set up a custom domain.


Most job boards that GoHire integrates with require a "Job Location" so they can approve and publish your jobs on their boards. We recommend adding valid locations (Country, State, and County) for your job listing to ensure visibility on the job boards.

Need help? Get in touch

If you are still waiting for you jobs to be approved or you think they aren't displaying on job boards even after complying with the above guidelines please get in touch with us on so we can take a look in more detail or hit the message button in the bottom right corner.

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