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Why have my jobs been rejected?

Find out why your jobs have been rejected, and what you can do to ensure your jobs get approved.

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All new client jobs posted on GoHire go through a manual approval process before they are sent out to job boards. In addition, job boards often have their own review process which can affect if your job will be accepted or not.

Below are some reasons why your job may have been rejected by our system:

  • Email not verified

  • Using a non-company email account like Gmail or Hotmail

  • User emails don't match the company domain

  • Job not representing a real and currently available offer

  • Job description not detailed enough

  • Job not unique or duplicated

  • Outbound links included in the job description

  • Mismatched fields

  • Added additional 'Apply here' link

  • General recruitment/location blasted jobs

  • Using one account for multiple clients

  • Spam or similar type of job post

You can learn about the above guidelines in more detail by reading this article

Need help? Get in touch

If you have read and adhered to the guidelines in that article and still need help just hit the message button in the bottom right corner and we will get back to you ASAP.

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