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Can a recruiter use GoHire?

Options if you want to use GoHire as a recruiter

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As a recruiting company, you are welcome to use our platform to post jobs for your clients. However, please note that the jobs should be posted under your recruitment company name, rather than your client's company name. This article outlines the options available to you when posting jobs on our platform.

Option 1: Individual Account

You can create an individual account on our platform and post jobs under your company name. This allows you to post jobs for multiple companies, but the jobs will appear under your recruitment company on the job boards. This option is suitable if you want to maintain separate visibility for each of your clients by creating different teams.

Option 2: Multiple Accounts

If you have a few clients and need to post jobs for them regularly, we offer the option to have 2nd, 3rd, and 4th accounts on our platform at a heavily reduced cost. This allows you to switch between accounts within one login, making it convenient to manage multiple clients' job postings efficiently.

Option 3: Join Our Solutions Program

You can also join our solutions program, which allows you to include GoHire in your offering to your clients. This option enables you to post jobs under your clients' company names and manage all billing and other aspects on their behalf. This is a great option if you want to maintain your clients' branding and have a more integrated approach to managing their job postings. You can access the file below to know more about our solutions program.

Please note that Indeed often requires recruiters to sponsor their jobs to gain visibility. However, we have had multiple recruitment companies using our platform efficiently and getting great value by posting jobs under their company name.

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