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Organising your account into teams
Organising your account into teams

Learn how teams work in GoHire to keep your jobs organised.

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One of the most fundamental parts of managing your GoHire account are teams.

Teams make it easy to organise your jobs and control what members can see. It also ensures they only get notified about actions relevant to them - keeping their inbox tidy!

Teams are managed in Settings > Teams. Here, you can add and remove users to a team and get a quick overview of specific team stats, such as the number of live and archived jobs.

Adding a new team

Assuming you've already added some users, head to Settings > Teams and click 'Add New Team'.

You will be prompted to choose a name and assign some members (including yourself). You can easily add and remove teams in the future, or re-assign members by using the 'Add Member' dropdown.

Adding and removing members

You can remove a member from a team by clicking the 'Remove' button for the specific member.

NOTE: You will only receive notifications for teams you are a member of, if you want to receive notifications for jobs within a specific team you must be a member of that team. 

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