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Why are my jobs not displaying on Indeed?
Why are my jobs not displaying on Indeed?

Get a better understanding of how to get your jobs visible on Indeed when you first start using GoHire.

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As a new client signing up to GoHire it can take a little bit of time to get your jobs promoted across our partner job board Indeed.

Whilst other job boards will approve your jobs instantly, Indeed has a manual process in place to ensure the content on their platform keeps their users safe. Specifically, with Indeed, there may be a number of reasons why your jobs aren’t displaying.

Indeed do what’s best for job­seekers and aim to provide the best job­seeker experience. Their goal is to display unique, quality job postings that are as close to the original hiring source as possible. The Search Quality team is constantly evaluating listings to ensure that their quality guidelines are met.

If your jobs aren’t displaying on Indeed or you're in any doubt about job postings on Indeed you can drop us an email on, and we will help you out as quick as we can.

Below are some general guidelines:

Verify your email

You must verify your email when you sign up for your new GoHire account to get full access to all our features such as job board publishing.

Use your company email
You must be using a company email such as and not a personal account like gmail, hotmail, or yahoo.

Employment type

Your jobs won't display on Indeed if the 'Employment Type' you add is internship, work experience, or volunteer.

Each posting should represent a real and currently available job

Simply put, the job should be a job. Indeed does not allow postings such as product/service advertisements, training courses, business opportunities, or especially fraudulent listings.

Detailed job descriptions

Clear titles and detailed job descriptions result in higher conversion rates. Job descriptions should contain more than a couple of sentences and preferably include items such as a company overview, day­ to­ day responsibilities of the role, qualifications needed, etc.

Unique, non­ duplicate jobs

Duplicate listings, among multiple sources or within a single source, will not be approved for organic visibility. It’s confusing for job­seekers to see multiple versions of the same job from different sources. Indeed does their best to filter out duplicate listings and highlight the single source that provides the best job seeker experience.

General­ recruitment/location ­blasted jobs
General recruitment jobs typically include some of the following characteristics, identical descriptions in multiple locations, mentions of hiring for multiple roles in one job posting, mentions of no experience necessary or flexible hours, and references self ­employment and commission only salaries. These types of jobs are not suitable for organic visibility on Indeed.

Reposting of jobs
The longer the job stays posted, the further it will fall in Indeed's organic search results. Reposting the job very frequently to have it placed higher in their search results is not accepted. If the jobs start to see a significant decrease in traffic we recommend sponsoring the job.

Short/easy apply process

In general, the application process should be short and simple. Jobs should not require the job­seeker to pay any registration, application, training, or signing fees.

Don't add 'Apply to this email'

In your GoHire job descriptions, it is not necessary to add ‘Send your application to or similar. It is confusing and misleading to applicants, they can apply directly with the Apply Now buttons on Indeed and GoHire job pages. 

Link to your GoHire jobs

You should where possible link to your new GoHire jobs from your company website, or be prepared to provide a reason to Indeed why you haven’t done so.

Integrations switched on

Ensure in your settings you have the right integrations switched on, so that your jobs will display on the job boards you want them to.

Recruitment Agencies

There has been a change where all Recruiter sources worldwide will only qualify for Sponsored Only visibility. Sponsoring jobs on Indeed will not only help recruiters gain more visibility in search results, but it will also provide all recruiting/staffing agencies with increased opportunities to find the right fit for their job postings.


Most job boards that GoHire integrates with require a "Job Location" so they can approve and publish your jobs on their boards. We recommend adding valid locations (Country, State, and County) for your job listing to ensure visibility on the job boards.

Need our help?

If your GoHire jobs are not showing on Indeed and you want them to, we can reach out to Indeed on your behalf to request that your GoHire jobs get visibility. Just send us an email here. Please allow for a little admin time for this to happen.

When you are a new client on GoHire it can take a short amount of time for this process with Indeed to take place, however, when we get confirmation that your jobs are getting visibility on Indeed via GoHire you won’t need to do this process every time you post a new job, it will be an automatic process.

Finally, if you are in any doubts, or think your jobs aren’t currently displaying on Indeed but should be, please reach out to us on We will get to the bottom of any issues you are having as quickly as possible.

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