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How to boost jobs with the GoHire <> Indeed integration
How to boost jobs with the GoHire <> Indeed integration

Learn how to promote your jobs on Indeed with the GoHire Indeed integration.

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It’s never been easier to promote your jobs on Indeed using GoHire.

This very simple and easy-to-use Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration allows you to promote your jobs on Indeed directly from GoHire.

How to promote a job on Indeed with GoHire

First, after you have created a new job or for any existing jobs in your account, click the ‘Boost Candidates’ button and choose ‘Promote on Job Boards’ option.

From here, you will see the Indeed Sponsored Jobs modal appear where you will promote your jobs.

Step 1 -  Confirm email

In the first page, confirm the email address that you want to use to sponsor your job. If you already have an account with Indeed, use the corresponding email.

 When you have added the correct email, click ‘Proceed’

Step 2 - Choose a budget

Now, you need to choose a budget for the campaign. You have the option to choose a fixed budget or a custom budget. Both budget types run for 30 days.

With a fixed budget, there are three options, £150, £300, or £450.

If you want to choose a custom budget, simply add it into the custom budget text field. The minimum budget you can add for a custom budget type is £150.

When you are happy with your budget, click ‘Sponsor job on Indeed now’.

Step 3 - Add a phone number

You will be asked to provide a phone number which is sent to Indeed. This is used for a member of the Indeed sales team to communicate with you to discuss and improve the performance of your campaigns. You can skip this step if you don’t want to provide a phone number.

Next either click ‘Skip this step’ or ‘Submit phone number’.

What happens next

When you have completed steps 1 to 3 a request is made to Indeed to sponsor the job. Campaigns won’t go live without a payment method, if you haven’t already set one up with Indeed you will receive instructions from them on how to do it.

During any sponsored campaign set up with Indeed via GoHire, you have full control. You can end the campaign or add a budget at any time simply click ‘Manage Indeed Promotion’ and choose either ‘End campaign’ or ‘Add budget’.

NOTE: All billing for Indeed sponsored ads is charged by Indeed, not by GoHire. If you have any questions about Indeed billing you should contact Indeed directly.

UK and Ireland: 0800 652 9825 (Mon-Thur 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Fri 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM)
United States: 1-800-462-5842 (Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM CST)

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