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How long will my job take to go live on job boards
How long will my job take to go live on job boards

Understand the length of time between publishing your job and seeing it live on job boards.

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Once you’ve published your job advert within GoHire, in some cases, it can take up to 24-48 hours for your advert to be visible across all of the job boards.

Every job advert is approved by GoHire and then sent to the job boards, who all have a different process and timeline before publishing. This means, for example, your job advert could be live on Adzuna four hours before it is visible on Indeed. 

In almost all cases this is a very quick process and your jobs will be published live within a few hours. 

For immediate exposure, we would suggest that you first share your jobs across all of your social media accounts to help spread the word and start engaging potential candidates. 

It is worth noting that Indeed is the most stringent and usually takes the longest to publish. 

There are a number of standards required by the job boards in order for them to publish your advert, check out this helpful article to ensure that you’ve got all the boxes ticked.  

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