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Searching and filtering candidates

How to find specific candidates in your account with search and filters.

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GoHire offers multiple ways of finding particular candidates who've applied for one of your roles. The first and most fundamental being the pipeline. Customisable stages allow you to replicate your hiring pipeline within GoHire so you can quickly and easily see who is at what stage throughout the hiring process. These then show at the top of your jobs page, and with a single click, you can navigate between stages. Learn more about how to manage your pipeline stages here.

In addition, you can use the filters just below your Job Title to refine results even further. Filters display total candidate counts next to the values, and selecting a filter will immediately limit the results to just those who match.

Need even more flexibility? GoHire offers a powerful search function that can search candidate details, and also tags that have been applied.

Tags are a great way to group and filter candidates with particular skills. Scroll down to the 'Tags' filter and you can filter a specific tag and our live search will quickly narrow down the results.

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