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Organise your candidates with tags
Organise your candidates with tags

How to add, edit, delete and search candidate tags.

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Tags let you group candidates together. They're great for highlighting specific skills or information and helping you drill down much faster when you're searching for specific candidates.

Tags are allocated to teams. Any tag you add within a team will become a common tag within that team which you can reuse for any candidate.

How to tag candidates

To tag a candidate, select the specific candidate within the candidate list and click the "Add Tag" button. You can also add a tag for multiple candidates by ticking all of them on the list.

You can then either add a new tag or choose a common tag from your previously created tag list.

You can also manage a candidate's tag in their profile. Click on the candidate you want. Navigate to the 'Tags' section of their profile. 

Here, you can add a new tag or choose from a common tag.

Useful tag examples

Some useful examples include:

Skill - you might want to quickly identify the skill a candidate holds.

Contract type - you might want to tag candidates with the contract type they are interested in accepting.

Location - you might want to tag candidates by location if you have jobs in different geographical regions.

Whatever type of tag you find useful for your hiring campaign just add them. It creates a much easier way for you to manage and organise candidates.

How to delete a tag

To delete a tag, find the tag you want to delete either in the candidate profile or in the candidate list, then simply click the 'X' on the tag you want to delete.

How to search for tagged users

You can use the filter option on your account in searching using your tags. Any candidates tagged with the tag you have selected will show in your results.

What's next?

Managing candidates is an essential part of the hiring process. You can learn more about managing candidates by reading these guides.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in organising your candidates with tags, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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