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How to create and edit your hiring pipeline
How to create and edit your hiring pipeline

A quick guide to managing candidates more efficiently with hiring pipelines.

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With GoHire you can create a hiring pipeline which helps you organise candidates between each stage of the hiring process.

A hiring pipeline is an essential part of your recruitment drive. It means you can keep track of candidates through every stage of your hiring campaign.

For example, you could create a simple pipeline with applied, screened, and offered, anything you want that keeps candidates in the order you want.

Every job you create is given its own pipeline and has one default stage of ‘All Candidates’.

Every candidate that enters your pipeline either by application or importing will be placed into the ‘All Candidates’ stage.

How to add stages to your pipeline

To add a new stage to your hiring pipeline click the '+ Add Pipeline Stage' button on your jobs page.

A prompt will appear where you can add your new pipeline stages. In the ‘Add New Stage’ box type the name you want to give to your new pipeline stage, then click ‘Add’. You can add as many pipeline stages as you need.

Editing, ordering, and deleting pipeline stages

You can edit the name of a pipeline stage by clicking the edit pencil on the stage you want to edit. When you see the box appear around the name you can edit the name, then click outside the box to save your change.

To delete a pipeline stage, find the stage you want to delete, then click 'Trash' icon to remove the stage from your pipeline.

NOTE: If you delete a pipeline stage with candidates in, don't panic! Your candidates won’t be deleted, they will still be in the default ‘All Candidates’ stage.

You can also change the order of your pipeline stages. Drag and move the stage you want to change by clicking the 'Grip' icon.

How to move candidates between stages

To move a candidate from one stage to another you can simply drag and drop the candidate between hiring stages. You can learn more about moving candidates between stages here.

Creating pipeline templates

You can create pipeline templates in Settings > Pipeline Templates. To use one of your pipeline templates click the 'Use Pipeline Template' button in the edit pipeline window.

Whats next?

Managing candidates is an essential part of the hiring process. You can learn more about managing candidates by reading these guides.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in creating and editing your hiring pipeline, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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