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How much is GoHire?

Learn about our different pricing plans.

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Finding and hiring top talent is crucial for the success of any business. We offer a range of pricing plans designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Here, we'll explore GoHire's three plans – Starter, Growth, and Pro – and help you determine which plan fits your hiring requirements.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is perfect for small businesses and startups looking to streamline their hiring process. Priced at £69 GBP or $89 USD per month, this plan provides essential features to kickstart your recruitment efforts. Create and publish job listings, receive and review applications, and collaborate effectively with your team to make informed hiring decisions. The Starter plan is an excellent foundation for your hiring success.

Growth Plan

For medium-sized businesses with expanding hiring needs, the Growth plan offers advanced features. Priced at £99 GBP or $139 USD per month, this plan provides an enhanced set of tools to streamline your recruitment efforts. Enjoy customized application forms, applicant scoring, and interview scheduling to ensure a seamless candidate screening process. The Growth plan also includes applicant tracking and collaboration features, enabling your team to work efficiently together.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is designed for larger organizations with high-volume hiring demands and a focus on attracting top-tier talent. Priced at £199 GBP or $279 USD per month, this plan offers an extensive suite of features tailored to meet your hiring objectives. Benefit from advanced applicant tracking capabilities, collaborative hiring workflows, and powerful reporting tools to streamline recruitment efforts. The Pro plan equips you with the necessary resources to elevate your hiring process and secure the best candidates for your organization.

Annual Payment Option

GoHire also offers an annual payment option that provides great cost savings. By choosing the annual plan, you can save two months' subscription fees compared to the monthly option. This option allows you to budget effectively for your hiring needs and commit to a long-term hiring strategy while enjoying substantial savings.

To explore GoHire's pricing plans in detail and choose the one that suits your hiring needs, visit the official GoHire pricing page at There, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of features in each plan and can easily make an informed decision.

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