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Audit Log

Learn more about GoHire's Audit Log feature.

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GoHire launched a new feature - the 'Audit Log', which will allow members to view an essential record of events and changes. This is available for selected GoHire plans, you can see our latest pricing here.

You can find this by logging in to your account. Once logged in, head over to your 'Settings' and click 'Audit Log' under 'Company'

What changes/events can I see on 'Audit Log'?

You will see the member name and the action that was done on the account:

- Added a Job as a Draft

- Published a live job

- Closed a job

- Archived job

- Permanently Deleted a job

- Permanently Deleted a candidate

- Edited a job pipeline

- Deleted a job pipeline

- Deleted a team member

- Deleted a job template

- Deleted an email template

- Deleted a pipeline template

- Deleted an evaluation template

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