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Can I use GoHire for multiple clients?
Can I use GoHire for multiple clients?

Find out how you can use GoHire to hire for multiple clients.

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As a recruiter, at times, it’s likely you will need to hire staff for various different clients.

With GoHire you can access multiple different accounts without having to log out and log back in again.

It’s really easy to switch between the different companies you are a member of when you are a member of more than one account you will see the various companies in the main menu:

To be able to use other company accounts on GoHire you need to be invited by a member of the company you are hiring for. 

The company would simply send you an invitation to their account and you will be able to access the company account.

NOTE: You can only use one account for one company in GoHire, if you need to hire for multiple companies you will need an account for each.

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