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What are job locations?
What are job locations?

Everything you need to know about different job locations.

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Job Location is vital information in searching for the best employees - this helps a candidate with their application decision and also helps in retaining employees. A valid location also helps the job boards in mapping the jobs correctly and making sure your job listing is visible on their boards. This article will walk you through the different Job Location options that you can use on the platform.


This location option is for work that is normally carried out in an office or a physical location. There are 4 location fields required when adding an Office-Based job location:

  • City

  • County / State

  • Country

  • Postcode

All fields are required.


A remote job is a job that does not require a physical location. With a remote job, a country, state and city fields are required, however, as long as you've selected the 'Remote' option, it'll be published by the boards as a Remote job.

Not all our job board partners allow remote jobs on their platform, so, if you add a job as remote it will only display on the following job boards:

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

  • Google jobs

  • Jobrapido

  • Glassdoor

  • Adzuna

Temporarily Remote (Covid-19)

Remote due to Covid-19 works in the same way as remote, it will display on the same job boards as a remote job does. However, it means you can set the right expectation with candidates that whilst this job is currently remote, it is ultimately an in-house position.

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