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Getting started with interview self-scheduling
Getting started with interview self-scheduling

Learn how to use interview self-scheduling

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We are now introducing the new Self-scheduling feature on GoHire. This is an automated event scheduling tool to create an event schedule block over a set period.

Candidates can view availability and easily book their preferred date and time of the interview with no interaction required. This will save you time with your hiring process as you do not need to have long exchanges of emails when inviting and confirming interviews. Your team can also create your own event based on your time availability.

Creating an event location

To start, log in to your account and go to 'Settings'. The first thing that you will need to do is add an 'Event Location' for the events that require a physical location. This is the location you will set for your interview. Click the 'Location' button on the left side of the dashboard, click 'Add Location', and fill out the required fields.

Creating an event type

Once done, you need to create an event type. Simply click the 'Event Types' button, type in the event name and choose the location from the dropdown option like this:

There are three different location types you can create for an event type:

In-person: This requires at least one event location to be added to your account.

Online event: This is for online meetings, simply add the URL to a Zoom, Google Meet or any other video software provider you prefer.

Blank: Add an event type as blank if you do not require a location for your events.

Connect your calendar

To avoid conflicts between your work calendar and your GoHire event bookings, you should connect your calendar. Simply go to 'My Settings', click 'Calendar' and click 'Connect' next to the account you would like to sync.

A popup window will appear (ensure your browser has them enabled) asking you to connect to the correct account.

Creating an event schedule

To create an Event Schedule, click the '+ Add Event Schedule' button.

The following are the important details that you will need to fill out when creating an event:

  • Event Headline (Required)

  • Event Type (Required)

  • Duration of your interview (Required)

  • Expiration (Required) - This is how long the link is valid after being sent to a candidate

  • Date Range (Required) - This is the range of dates that you will set for the candidates to choose from

  • Time Zone (Required)

  • Availability (Required) - This is the days and times of the week that you will give for the candidates to choose from

  • Attendees (Required) - Add the team members that you'd like to attend the interview

  • Ignore All-Day Events (Required) - This is set to 'Yes' by default and you can change it to 'No' as you need

  • Note - Add information for a candidate to see on the booking page

Show events in your external calendar

On the other hand, to publish your GoHire events to your external calendar, generate an iCal feed and add the URL to your calendar. You can check our help article here for detailed steps.

And that's it! If you need more help in setting up your events, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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