GoHire's new 'Advanced Reports' feature enables you to achieve a clear insight into your company's hiring activity so that you can optimise your future hiring campaigns.

It is separated into three categories - the overview report, jobs report, and candidate's report.

Report Categories

The overview report displays an overall view of your hiring campaigns performance.

The jobs report shows more about the performance of your jobs, both globally and individually. This will show you key job statistics, time to fill averages... and much more.

While the candidate's report gives key candidate metrics like ‘candidates by source’ and candidates ‘hire conversion rate’ to name just a couple.

This feature allows for a quick and accurate analysis of your data so you can make better hiring decisions - meaning you can find the best quality candidates for your jobs more quickly and effectively.

How can I get the 'Report' feature?

All 'Pro' clients can access reports by simply clicking the 'Reports' button from your dashboard. Just login to your account and click the 'Reports' button at the top of the page (see image below) and you're all set!

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