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Creating and sending candidate questionnaire forms
Creating and sending candidate questionnaire forms

How to create questionnaire forms and send them to candidates.

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What are questionnaire forms?

Having new and innovative ways to screen candidates helps companies to make better and more informed hiring decisions prior to expending time and money during the interview process.

Questionnaire forms are a new way for you to get more information from candidates prior to scheduling an interview with them.

You can also use questionnaire forms to garner feedback on the candidate experience after the interview process with questions like ‘How was the interview process?’ and ‘How was your communication with the recruiter?’. Adding candidate experience questionnaires into your hiring process will help improve future hiring campaigns.

You can create unlimited questionnaire forms with multiple different question types that you can send out to individual candidates or in bulk to candidates within a specific stage in your hiring pipeline. 

How to create questionnaire forms

To create a new questionnaire form head to Settings > Questionnaire Templates. From here, you can create unlimited questionnaire templates and edit any existing ones.

To get started, click the ‘New Template’ button. You can give your new questionnaire template a name that will make it easier to identify your forms. 

Using the form builder, you can create extensive candidate questionnaires, and you have the option to choose from six different question types:

  • Short text (single line answer)

  • Long text (longer form answer)

  • Single choice (choose only one)

  • Multiple choice (choose 1 or more)

  • Dropdown (a dropdown menu)

  • Scale rating (0-10 scale options) 

With each question, you can switch the required toggle on and off. If an answer is required you need to switch the toggle on, if the answer is not required you can leave the toggle off.

When you have finished your questionnaire template or want to edit an existing one, you can order your questions using the grip icon to the left and moving the position of specific questions. You can also use the trash can icon to the right to remove any questions from the questionnaire form.

How to send questionnaire forms

You can send questionnaire forms to candidates individually via their profile under the ‘Questionnaires’ tab. Alternatively, you can send questionnaires in bulk via bulk actions within the candidate list.

To send a questionnaire to an individual candidate, head to their profile, click the ‘Questionnaires’ tab, and click the ‘Questionnaires’ button. From the dropdown menu, choose the form you want to send and check the message that will be emailed to the candidate with the questionnaire form.

By default, there is a message pre-populated within the dropdown. You can change the message, however, be sure to keep the {{questionnaire_link}} placeholder in the message. It is very important as that will provide the candidate with a unique link to the questionnaire form.

If you want to send a questionnaire form in bulk to multiple candidates within one of your pipeline stages, all you need to do is select the candidates using the checkboxes, hit the ‘More’ button, and click 'Send Questionnaire'.

You will see the bulk questionnaires window open, from here you can select the questionnaire template you want to send and edit the default message. Again, if you edit the default message it is important to keep the {{questionnaire_link}} placeholder included.

Finally, when sending questionnaires in bulk, no candidate will see any information about other candidates you have sent the form to.

Understanding the candidate experience

After you have sent the questionnaire to the candidate they will receive an email with the questionnaire form link and a message from you.

The candidate can click through using the unique form link and complete the questionnaire.

Viewing questionnaire forms

After a candidate sends a new questionnaire form you will get notified in-app and via email. To view a completed questionnaire go to Candidate Profile > Questionnaires and scroll to the ‘Completed’ questionnaires section. Here you can view all completed questionnaires by the candidate.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in creating and sending candidate questionnaire forms, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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