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Creating and completing interview evaluation forms
Creating and completing interview evaluation forms

How to create and complete evaluation forms.

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What are interview evaluations?

Interview evaluations are forms you can create and complete for candidates you are considering for employment.

You can give structured and detailed feedback following an interview that helps to make better informed hiring decisions about which candidates to move forward in your hiring process.

Evaluation forms are really easy to create, store and complete with GoHire.

How to create an evaluation form

To create or edit an evaluation form, head to Settings > Evaluation Templates. From here you can create unlimited templates and edit any existing ones.

To get started, click the 'New Template' button. You can give your new evaluation template a title that will help you and your coworkers identify your forms.

The form builder lets you build the perfect evaluation form which you can complete for any candidate in any job.

You can add multiple question types, including:

  • Short text (single line answer)

  • Long text (longer form answer)

  • Scorecard (scoring for multiple attributes)

  • Single choice (choose only one)

  • Multiple choice (choose 1 or more)

  • Dropdown (a dropdown menu)

By default, every evaluation form includes the score question type as default. This question type is mandatory and summarises the overall score given from each evaluation across various interview stages for the candidate.

How to fill out an evaluation form

You can add an evaluation form for a candidate manually by going to Profile > Evaluations and clicking the 'Evaluation' button.

You will then see a dropdown with the option to manually add an evaluation form or request an evaluation from a coworker.

To add a manual evaluation simply select the evaluation form template you want to use and fill out the form. 

You need to have a template evaluation created to add an evaluation which you can do in Settings > Evaluation Templates.

To request an evaluation click 'Request', choose the evaluation form you want your coworker to complete and add the evaluators. You can add as many evaluators as you like.

Coworkers will get notified via email for any requested evaluations they need to complete.

Understanding evaluation scores

The overall evaluation score will calculate the total amount given for each evaluation score.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in setting up your evaluation forms, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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