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How to send candidates an email and communicate directly with applicants.

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GoHire offers built-in candidate emails to help keep you and your team organised. Get replies straight into your account and keep everything in one place - saving time and making your hiring process infinitely more efficient.

You can send candidate emails from the candidate profile or from the Inbox page.

From any candidate profile, choose the 'Emails' tab. Compose your message in the box and click 'Send'

Right away your candidate will be emailed. You'll be notified when a candidate replies, and the message thread will continue within the profile and the Inbox page.

Bulk Messaging

In addition to standard candidate messaging, GoHire offers bulk messaging so you can send emails to multiple recipients at once.

Select candidates from the dashboard by using the checkboxes, and then choose 'Send Message'.

You can personalise your message using 'replacements' to input the candidates name, job title, etc. This helps you keep the messages feeling personal. You can also use a 'Job Template' if you'd like to send in bulk.

NOTE: When sending messages in bulk, candidates can not see any information other than the information that is relevant to them. They will not see any other candidate contact details or content sent to other candidates.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in sending emails to your candidates, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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