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Rating, shortlisting, or declining applicants
Rating, shortlisting, or declining applicants

Learn how to rate, shortlist and disqualify your candidates to analyse your best applicants.

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Rating, shortlisting, and declining are 3 key actions that help you manage your applicants.

You're able to rate candidates out of 5 which helps immediately identify the quality of an individual when looking across your dashboard.

Shortlisting is available to let you select candidates who are particularly suited to the role in question, and the opposite is true for declining candidates.

Each one of these actions is available from both the jobs page, and an individual candidate profile.

Candidates are not notified about any of these changes, and all the actions can be un-done. All changes are only visible to other admins and managers of your GoHire account.

From the jobs page

Rating a candidate from the jobs page is as simple as hovering over the stars to the right of the page and clicking to set the rating. When you hover, stars will light up to indicate the desired rating.

You can toggle the shortlisted state by clicking on the heart icon to the right.

To disqualify a candidate, open the context menu using the arrow button to the far right, and then click 'Disqualify Candidate'.

You can also disqualify a candidate or in bulk by selecting the candidates, clicking the "More" button, and "Disqualify".

From a Candidate Profile

Changing the star rating from a candidate profile can be done in the exact same way using the stars in the left sidebar of their profile.

All other changes can be made by using the 'Actions' icon on the right upper part of the candidate profile.

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