If you need to manually add candidates to a particular job, GoHire makes this process simple. You can add candidates one by one, or in bulk using our import feature.

Navigate to a job on the jobs page and click the 'Add' button in the top right.

Adding a single candidate is quick and simple. You can upload a CV with the 'Choose File' button. When you are finished click 'Add Candidate'.

Alternatively, if you have multiple candidates to add, you can choose 'Upload a CSV file' and upload all your candidates at once.

These are the candidate importing details listed in the file, *Required Fields are:

  • Applied (date the candidate applied)

  • First Name

  • Last Name, and

  • Email

The remaining details are not required:

  • Phone

  • City

  • Headline

  • Rating

  • Pipeline Stage

  • Shortlisted

  • Declined

  • Tags

  • Cover Letter

  • Source

  • CV Upload

Please also bear in mind that for CV Upload, you will have to include a live link, it must be a publicly accessible URL and must end with any of these extensions - pdf, doc, Docx, RTF, jpg, jpeg.

Download our sample CSV file to be sure your field headings are the same and to eliminate problems during the upload process.

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