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Sharing your jobs on social media
Sharing your jobs on social media

Promote your GoHire jobs across social media channels and maximise job reach.

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A great way to promote your jobs is using social media. In this video, you can see how easy it is to share your jobs and maximise job reach:

On your dashboard, you will see a button titled 'Boost Candidates'.

Clicking this will provide you the option to 'Publish on Social Media', 'Promote on Indeed' or share your jobs using a 'Job Link' or 'Apply Email Address'.

Once you choose the 'Social Media' option, it will open a window with a number of share options for your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter social channels. We highly recommend you share your jobs on Social media which can drive many more top-level applications. We also provide shortcut buttons to share on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Your job can also be shared anywhere using its unique job URL or Apply email address that you can easily copy and paste to your site, posts, or messages.

Need help? Get in touch

If you need more help in sharing your jobs on social media, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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