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Understand different permission levels you can allocate to members.

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When inviting users to GoHire you have the choice of two different levels of access; administrators and managers. 

This article aims to briefly explain the fundamental differences between the two account types and the different actions each member can perform.


Administrators have full access to GoHire. They can post jobs, add and remove users (even other administrators), and manage all aspects of billing and account information.

It is important to remember, even administrators need to be a member of a team to receive notifications for activity within that team.


Managers are completely customisable, meaning you have complete control over your account.

When you select the 'Manager' permission in the 'Invite New User' window you get a selection of permission options you can switch on or off depending on how much access you want the member to have.

Below is a list of the different permission options you can assign to a manager member:

Manage Templates
The user can add, edit, and remove templates.

Manage Jobs
The user can add, edit, close and archive jobs.

Manage Teams
The user can add, edit and remove teams. The user can manage users within teams.

Manage Candidates
The user can add, edit, and delete candidates.

Manage Offers
The user can send and edit job offers.

Manage Events
The user can add, edit, and remove events for candidates. 

Company Settings
The user can edit company settings.

Organise Candidates
The user can shortlist, reject, and rate candidates. The user can move candidates between stages. The user can tag candidates.

NOTE: All permissions apply to teams the manager is a member of only.

Both admins and managers will only receive notifications for teams they are members of, despite admins being able to add / edit all jobs within the account.

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