Posting a new job is simple from anywhere within GoHire. Start by choosing 'Add New' from the navigation bar in the top right corner of your screen and click 'Job.

You'll then be presented with a window where you can fill in the job information. Most of the fields are required, and you can add your own screening questions which will be presented to candidates during the application process.

You'll be asked to choose the 'Team Name' from a list of your teams. If you haven't created any teams yet you'll be prompted to enter a new team name.

There are a number of formatting options that can be applied to a job description. Formatting tools can be found on the menu above the input box. Along with text formatting, you can tweak the alignment, add heading levels, quotes, and even links.

Note: For security reasons and to prevent spam, links will be removed from job posts during your trial period.

Once you're happy with your job listing, simply submit the information by clicking 'Save & Publish' at the bottom of the form.

Your job will be immediately live on your GoHire career page, however, in some cases for new clients, your job ad may go through a phase of manual approval before it is live on job boards.

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If you need more help in posting your jobs, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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